Convert By Using Software

Now you can convert your Virtapay money 100% to 
Libertyreserve.We will give the Website and Free Software  you can convert within Can see the proof's. 
We are giving Free Software and Web Site,we are using the trick for convert the virtapay currency to libertyreserve.

When you open the software Fill all the fields,within 1sec your money Will credit your  Libertyreserve or Paypal

  Now Virtapay Software is fully free...Download Me


Once you download the virtapay software,just extract the zip file it will ask the password.

Buy Virtapay Converter Password!!!
You can convert the Currency Virtapay to paypal/LR within 1 sec.
Make payment with PayPal:- (your payment finished you will get the password page)
Commission of 2% of the value of VP
Minimum $ 10 conversion

Minimum Exchange is $10.
VirtaPay $10 to PP/AP/MB/LR $9.85
VirtaPay $100 to PP/AP/MB/LR $98.32
VirtaPay $1000 to PP/AP/MB/LR $998.89
VirtaPay $2500 to PP/AP/MB/LR $2491.56
VirtaPay $5000 to PP/AP/MB/LR $4995.74
VirtaPay $10,000 to PP/AP/MB/LR $9993.97 
*AP--- AlertPay; LR--- LibertyReserve; PP--- PayPal; MB---MoneyBookers